A coffee shop belongs to everyone and no one.

It’s a place where usually nothing happens, but which you go to just in case something does. It is made by the people inside it, and yet it is not dependent upon their presence. It serves something, yes, but more importantly it serves as something. More than product, a feeling. Sometimes it’s just a non-place – a place to get away from home, or work or wherever else. But sometimes, it’s a place to go to. To learn something. To see your people. To be.

That’s what we’re about. Because if we do that well, it’s no longer just a coffee shop. It’s a community. And that’s where movements begin.

Our Mission

Somos Watsonville is a nonprofit, inclusive, bilingual gathering space, where young people and their families can explore their identities, connect with others, receive support and skills, and engage in fellowship and fun. We hope to establish a sanctuary in the city where young people feel empowered to explore and experience emotional, psychological, and spiritual wholeness.

Get Involved


Buy a kid a coffee and make their day! Or commit to donating regularly, so we can keep the space a sanctuary in the center of Watsonville.

It takes a village! Offer your services for tutoring, homework help, event planning, or odd jobs. However you want to help, there is a place for you here.


Would you like to use the space for a concert? A student group meeting? A book club? We’d love to host you!


So... you're a coffee shop?


And a church?

If you consider a church a community of people gathered together to live more abundant and compassionate lives… or a building with a cross in it. Then, yes we are a church. See: 1 Corinthians 12:12-30.

And I can hang out there? Without paying anything?

Yes! Come and see who we are!

What if I'm ... ?

Gay? Trans? Catholic? Atheist? Agnostic? Undocumented? Unsure? No matter who you are or how you identify, you are welcome here. Here we believe that we are all loved and sacred, whoever we are and whatever we believe. Here we believe that we are made in the image of God.

I'm confused.

Come on by and have a cup of coffee! Pastor Julie is happy to chat about any questions you have about spirituality, religion, theology, life, and this space and how you can engage with it.

112 E Beach St.
Watsonville, CA 95076


8 - 9 AM

2 - 5 PM